A limited selection of sculptures are available for purchase.

Custom Work

As my time is limited and I already have works in progress, it is difficult for me to have a short turn-around time on any one bird, and therefore I do not generally take custom orders. I do, however, take suggestions that might inspire me to work on a particular bird or group of birds in the future.

I am looking for artist in residence opportunities; collaborations on larger projects with researchers, institutions, conservation organizations, artists or other people interested in using art to enhance the quality of living on this planet for everyone. Any suggestions are welcome.

Please feel free to email me about any specific project inquiries.

Future Projects

On my current "wait list" of projects in progress or under consideration are:

  • Anchiornis huxleyi (a feathered dinosaur)
  • Dodo (Raphus cucullatus)
  • a selection of birds of Hawai'i and Hawai'ian plants
  • Secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius) with snake
  • Cacao plant (Theobroma cacao)
  • other food related botanical pieces

Also a three-dimensional tribute to Maria Sibylla Merian -- copying one of her plant and insect compositions.

Please feel free to email me about any specific project inquiries.

Taxidermy Care & Cleaning

Some examples of crepe paper crafts made in the Victorian era still survive today (over 120 years later!). I do not know if the manufacturing process has changed significantly since then and how that might effect the life-span of the pieces. I have pieces from when I began working with this medium about 10 years ago, which have not changed at all. Hopefully with the right care, your paper bird will remain beautiful for more than a lifetime.

Keep your Vegan Taxidermy out of the sun in a relatively dry place. I treated the papers with a light anti-UV protective coating, but do not trust that it is enough to prevent fading or sun damage. Never let the paper get damp or wet, and keep out of humid areas. Many birds and plants come in a glass dome, or in a display case with glass windows to keep out dust, but these are not special UV filtering glass.

To dust your bird, use a clean, dry paint brush with medium-soft bristles, and lightly brush with the grain of the paper (generally head to tail). However, I recommend keeping your bird in a glass case or cabinet to reduce dust and wear.